What is Ghaziabad Satta?

Hello, Readers welcome to sattaking (blogs) we are here to provide you all sattakinng related information. On our previews blog, what is Disawar we will give you information about sattaking. Today I am going to telling you what is Gaziabad Satta ?

Ghaziabad Satta is a type of game that people used to play in Satta. basically, the Ghaziabad game is very popular in Satta king people much want to spend their money on it as much they can. as we know that Satta is based on random number selection and betting. but you don’t know what is the benefits. basically, people will be spending their money on a 1 to 100 any number. after the result, the number will be declared and if your number is matched with a declared number than you will be paid 10 times of your playing amount. Example if you spend 5 rupees on Ghaziabad Satta number 10 if this number is correct you will be paid 450 rupees!

Important information about Ghaziabad Satta are given Below !

All games have different timing and schedule

Ghaziabad (sattaking)

  • Playing timing - 1:00 PM TO 10:00 AM
  • Result Declaration Timing - 12:00 PM

  • What are the rules of Ghaziabad Satta game?

    Those types of gambling games don’t have such kind of rules. only you have put your money on any number. then you have to wait for the result.

    Tips And Tricks

    It’s sound like very amazing that investment of 5 rupees can give you 450 rupees. but it’s very hard to get a pass your game. peoples have put there all the money but they can’t pass games. we have some tips and tricks that they can help into to pass your game.